Frequently Asked Qeustions

You can open account with any forex broker of your choice. notably among them are:www.hantecglobal.com www.hotforex.comwww.forextime.comwww.alpari.comwww.fxpro.com....E.T.CIt is strongly advised that you open a forex account with a broker that has representative office in your country of residence.

The minimun investment acceptable to be traded by Betaforex is $1000. The higher the capital,the higher the profit potential.$500 can be manageably accepted.

Different methods of funding can be found on the website of the forex broker you have chosen, Among them are; Local Bank Deposit, Bitcoin(Cryptocurrency), Mastercard, Bankwire, Webmoney, Perfect money. Nigeria clients are strongly advised to open account with a Forex broker that has representative office in Nigeria for easy funding and withdrawal in Naira.

You can initiate a withdrawal at any time you desire. Please remember you are the only person that can make withdrawal from your account.Forex has no ability to take money from your account. We are simply appointed by you to execute profitable trades on your capital.

Betaforex will execute trades on your forex account and make profits. You will then withdraw 50% of the profit and send to us as our commission weekly. You can also withdraw money for yourself at any time you so desire. We shall continue to trade for you as long as you remit our commission accordingly.

Average trades per month is a difficult thing to determine. If the markets are volitile and less opportunity to trade exists we might not trade at all. If the market’s are providing many opportunities per day we might make several hundred trades within a 24 hour period. If you are not comfortable with the trading style please notify us immediately.

YES! You are completely incharge of your money. you can call us to stop trades on your account at any time you desire.

LPOA stands for Limited Power of Attorney. This is an OPTIONAL form signed by our clients when appointing us to trade their forex capital funds. This legal document states an individual or company acting as “attorney” (trader) has limited power over a designated account. The limitation of this power begins and ends with executing trades for the client

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